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Developed on the South Coast of NSW, the Water Curtain Bushfire Sprinkler Protection system is a roof-mounted sprinkler system designed to deliver a ‘curtain of water’ over valued property structures.

It is custom-designed to fit your property roof type to address structural configurations that could allow entry of embers into your roof space – the most common cause of property destruction during bushfire exposure in Australia every year.

Recent weather events have shown an increase in extreme, erratic and unpredictable behaviour with experts predicting worsening fire seasons that will be longer, hotter and drier.

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Key Feature

Fully customised to fit the roof type of your property

Key Feature

Non-combustible and UV stable copper and brass fittings used throughout

Key Feature

Quality pumps

Key Feature

Ease of operation guaranteed


Why Choose Us

Put your trust in a bushfire sprinkler system with proven results

Our bushfire sprinkler protection system was instrumental in protecting a much-loved rural property and surrounding structures from one of the most ferocious bushfires in recent years, the Currowan bushfire of 2019-2020.

Qualified Expert

Anthony Walsh is a licensed plumber with over 30 years of experience and a senior firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW, Ulladulla. Pre-quote, a site visit is conducted and a professional assessment is made of your property to identify vulnerable areas, water sources and surrounding landscape factors.

Quality Fittings & Workmanship

Each sprinkler system is custom-designed and calculated to deliver the correct amount of water to run effectively and efficiently. Non-combustible copper and brass fittings are used to withstand most bushfire conditions.

New Technology

With recent technology developments we now have the ability to run electric smart pumps that will run off solar battery storage. These systems can be activated remotely via smart devices through satellite.

Cameras can be arranged and installed to view potential fire activity around the house from a safe location.

We are authorised installers for the Embarr Argus. This is a fully automated sprinkler-activated system.

System Training

Installation of our sprinkler system comes with complete training in the operation and maintenance of the system, including advice on best practices to help you prepare for a bushfire threat.

Proven Results

The Water Curtain Bushfire Sprinkler Protection system has a proven record in helping protect valued property structures during the Currowan bushfire that burned for 74 days on the NSW South Coast in the Summer of 2019-2020.

Installation Areas

Our focus is primarily on the South Coast of NSW, however our systems have been installed from southern Queensland to Sydney and in the Snowy Mountains.


Our System In Action

Shop our ember suppression sprinkler

Water Curtain Twin Arm Sprinkler

⸻ the bushfire sprinkler fitter's choice of sprinkler
WaterCurtain Twin Arm Sprinkler
Shop our ember suppression sprinkler

Water Curtain Twin Arm Sprinkler

⸻ the bushfire sprinkler fitter's choice of sprinkler
Available now at Nutrien Water - Bomaderry

The Water Curtain Twin Arm is an efficient full-circle all-brass sprinkler commonly used in ember suppression, irrigation and market gardens.

  • built to withstand the extreme conditions of the Australian summer
  • operates under lower pressure
  • is conservative of water
  • offers great coverage with optimal droplet size
  • is versatile - can be used vertically, horizontally or inverted
  • Australian-made and engineered
Experience You Can Trust

About Us

The Water Curtain Bushfire Sprinkler Protection system was developed by Anthony Walsh, a licensed plumber with over 30 years of industry experience and a senior firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW, Ulladulla.

The system was conceived when a friend requested Anthony’s help to protect his home from the imminent threat of the Currowan bushfire in 2019.

With the aim of limiting potential failure points, Anthony developed a roof-mounted sprinkler system that had a deliberate minimal reliance on technology – delivering a ‘curtain of water’ over property structures that could be maintained during the extreme conditions that occur during bushfire exposure.


If you have witnessed a bushfire first-hand you know you need to be prepared and have confidence in the defence system you have in place. A sprinkler system is an integral part of that defence system.

- Anthony Walsh, Sprinkler System Specialist

Anthony Walsh installing sprinkler system pump

He gave a detailed quote which I accepted. I was very pleased with the overall job however, I felt that additional protection was needed on the actual tank supplying the system. Anthony was happy to return and fit the additional sprinkles. The job was carried out with professionalism and the customers satisfaction as top of mind. I plan to get Anthony back again next year to install another system on some cottages we have on the property.

- Andy McLeod, Southern Highlands NSW

From the start of this process Anthony provided me with valuable advice. He fully explained his design for my house beforehand, and any queries were answered promptly and satisfactoraly. I am very pleased with Anthony's workmanship and the quality of the components used. Anthony also didn't hesitate to give me advice or visit on site whilst I learnt how to operate the system, which I now find to be very easy. His background has given me confidence that Anthony has a good understanding of what is needed for the best protection to combat ember attack.

- E May, Woodstock NSW

Anthony designed and built our bushfire sprinkler system. He was punctual, on budget, taking incredible steps to produce a system he was truly happy with. We would not hesitate to recommend Anthony as he displays all the traits you would expect from a professional.

- John Mckinlay, Blue Mountains NSW

A reliable sprinkler system can increase the chances of your home surviving a bushfire

- confirms CSIRO which has been conducting bushfire research for over 60 years, so long as the system uses non-combustible materials, has a reliable water source, a reliable activation system and is designed to address specific structural weaknesses.

The Water Curtain Bushfire Sprinkler Protection system was developed with all of these requirements in mind and more.