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Anthony Walsh

Anthony Walsh is a licensed plumber with over 30 years of industry experience and a senior firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW, Ulladulla.

The Water Curtain Bushfire Sprinkler Protection system’s origins began when a friend requested Anthony’s help to protect his home from the imminent threat of the Currowan bushfire in the Summer of 2019/2020.

With the aim of limiting potential failure points, Anthony developed a roof-mounted sprinkler system that had a deliberate minimal reliance on technology – delivering a ‘curtain of water’ over property structures that could be maintained throughout the extreme conditions that occur during bushfire exposure. When in use, this system would allow the property owner to focus their attention elsewhere.

Anthony Walsh with Shane Fitzsimmons
Anthony Walsh, fighting the Currowan bushfire in the Shoalhaven 2019
Anthony Walsh with Shane Fitzsimmons
Case Study

Yatte Yattah, Shoalhaven

Summer of 2019/2020

Experienced National Parks & Wildlife firefighter Mike Jarman knew it was only a matter of time before the Currowan bushfire would arrive on his doorstep. He had been helping fight the fire for weeks since its discovery deep in the Currowan locality in November 2019 and had seen the destruction to homes in its path first-hand.

He contacted Anthony and asked him to develop a roof sprinkler system that would help defend his home against an ember attack and cope with the extreme conditions resulting from the heat of a bushfire.

Bushfire Survival Plan

Stay and defend

Article from Milton Ulladulla Times, February 5, 2020 about our bushfire sprinkler protection system

Our Approach

1. Establish the most likely direction of the bushfire

2. Consider surrounding landscape and wind activity

3. Include a dedicated pump and water supply with the knowledge that power would probably be lost

4. Provide fire hoses that could reach around the house and shed for spot fire control

Addition measures undertaken as part of the bushfire survival plan
+ Clean debris off the roof and out of gutters
+ Clear excess vegetation around the property
+ Wet grass around the property

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Government-funded Guidance

The CSIRO has been conducting bushfire research for over 60 years

Find out more information on the CSIRO recommendations for bushfire sprinkler systems and how they can help protect your home from a bushfire threat.