Developed during the devastating Currowan bushfire of 2019-2020, the Water Curtain Bushfire Sprinkler Protection system is a roof-mounted sprinkler system designed to deliver a 'curtain of water' over valued property structures.

The system has been developed in consultation with irrigation system specialists Nutrien Water – Bomaderry. It is custom-designed to fit your property roof type to address structural configurations that could allow entry of embers into your roof space – the most common cause of property destruction during bushfire exposure in Australia every year.

Since Nov 2023, we are now authorised installers for the Embarr Argus. This is a fully automated sprinkler-activated system. Embarr’s patented technology constantly monitors the environment around your property and is able to detect small fires created from embers as well as incoming fire-fronts and is independent of mobile phones or radio networks which can fail during bushfires.

In addition to structural considerations, our sprinkler system is designed with consideration given to your existing water supply, property location and the surrounding landscape and your own bushfire survival plan.

We will work with you to ensure we deliver a system that you feel confident in operating in the event of a bushfire – whether you intend to stay and defend your property or plan to leave.

What To Expect

The Installation Process



Initial professional assessment of your property is conducted including discussion and consideration of your own bushfire survival plan.



Custom designed and calculated to deliver the correct amount of water to run effectively and efficiently. This includes pump selection, number and type of sprinkler heads and sprinkler system plan drawn.



Installation of the complete sprinkler system including pump, fire resistant pipe work, sprinkler heads, tanks and additional hoses for fighting spot fires as required.



Full training is provided in the operation and maintenance of the system including advice on best practices to help you prepare.

Shop our ember suppression sprinkler

Water Curtain Twin Arm Sprinkler

⸻ the bushfire sprinkler fitter's choice of sprinkler
WaterCurtain Twin Arm Sprinkler
Shop our ember suppression sprinkler

Water Curtain Twin Arm Sprinkler

⸻ the bushfire sprinkler fitter's choice of sprinkler
Available now at Nutrien Water - Bomaderry

The Water Curtain Twin Arm is an efficient full-circle all-brass sprinkler commonly used in ember suppression, irrigation and market gardens.

  • built to withstand the extreme conditions of the Australian summer
  • operates under lower pressure
  • is conservative of water
  • offers great coverage with optimal droplet size
  • is versatile - can be used vertically, horizontally or inverted
  • Australian-made and engineered

Frequently Asked Questions

Are roof sprinklers effective?

We believe so yes! As do government-funded research bodies such as the CSIRO. We do caution however that a sprinkler system should be used as part of your bushfire survival plan – not relied upon as the only defence system. A sprinkler system, when in operation, reduces the workload involved in protecting your property – allowing you to focus attention elsewhere.

Do fire sprinkler systems use electricity?

Our system does not rely on mains electricity nor does it rely on mains water – as both of these sources have been shown to fail during the extreme conditions generated by a bushfire. Our stay and defend sprinkler system is designed to operate standalone for approximately 2 hours on a full tank of fuel, delivering a continuous curtain of water over your property.

How much does a bushfire sprinkler system cost?

We appreciate knowing costs upfront is preferred when considering which system you intend to invest in. We are happy to discuss an approximate price range during the initial consultation once we know the size of your property and your existing water source. In addition to the cost of the system pipework, whether you have an adequate water supply to feed the system or whether additional water tanks will be required, greatly influences the overall cost of the system.

Is this a DIY bushfire sprinkler system?

The Water Curtain Bushfire Sprinkler Protection system is NOT a DIY solution. It is a hydraulic irrigation system, developed in consultation with irrigation system specialists Nutrient Water – Bomaderry and installed by plumbing professionals. Complete training in the operation and maintenance of our system is included in the overall cost, in addition to advice on best practices to help you prepare for a bushfire threat.

Do I need a water tank?

To deliver a continuous supply of water during a bushfire, we recommend a minimum of 22,500 litres of water dedicated to the sprinkler system alone however the more the better! We do not recommend using pool water to supply the system as this will corrode your roof and contaminate your water supply. We have installed the system using mains water as the water source in non-rural properties, however with acknowledgment from the property owner that the supply could fail during a bushfire.

Why use Copper and Brass fittings?

Copper and brass are not only durable, non-combustible and UV stable, but they will withstand the extreme conditions of the Australian summer. In addition, temperatures on our roofs during bushfire season can exceed 70 degrees for long periods of time so quality is paramount.

Will the sprinkler system save your property?

A bushfire sprinkler system offers your property the best possible protection in the event of bushfire ember attack.

It is also the property owner’s responsibility to prepare for bushfire. This includes clearing leaves and debris from roofs, gutters and the removal of combustible materials surrounding the property.

The property owner must be proficient in the correct operation and maintenance of the bushfire fighting pump and maintaining the required volume of water necessary to run the system effectively.

Regularly check that the sprinkler heads are in working order.

Due to the extreme and unpredictable nature of recent bushfire events, there is no guarantee that the sprinkler system will save your property, however it will be given the best fighting chance.

More Questions?

We are more than happy to have an informal, no-obligation chat about your circumstances to discuss options and the next steps.

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Government-funded Guidance

The CSIRO has been conducting bushfire research for over 60 years

Find out more information on the CSIRO recommendations for bushfire sprinkler systems and how they can help protect your home from a bushfire threat.